The Company

Real Estate Evolution Ltd is a "new generation" property company with extensive experience in property development.

The Objectives

Real Estate Evolution Ltd focuses on hybrid developments that lay between commercial and regeneration development, yet need to adhere to their principles and ethos. The established principles to development are evaluated for each project and challenged to ensure evolutionary changes within the property industry and the most advanced technology are factored in to optimise the development's potential



Real Estate Evolution Ltd can obtain funding from established sources for developments. In addition, Real Estate Evolution Ltd can source grant funding where appropriate to support marginal projects, particularly on contaminated or brownfield sites and regeneration projects. Funding will be development specific, the source of funding will vary to suit the funder's investment strategy. This ensures the most advantageous terms are obtained for the development.


Joint Ventures

Real Estate Evolution Ltd can, where appropriate, Joint Venture on all aspects of property development.



Real Estate Evolution Ltd can provide Development Management on projects where non property related organisations require development expertise to either provide additional facilities, or restructure the property portfolio to optimise business strategy.


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